Friday, 28 June 2013

4 wheels on my wagon ! plus fuse box and ECU.

More work today on the electrics and other things on the list to finish off under the car. Had a visit over to the factory at GBS earlier this week, and got a few extra bits... finally got the pressure cap for the cooling system, a return spring for the accelerator, new style headlamps with "cool" looking LED side lights. Also was going to order the windscreen kit, but they had them in stock so purchased that as well ! wasn't going to spend that much but if I'd waited till after the IVA test with my luck it would out of stock ?. also ordered the rear diffuser and fixing kit... this has a waiting time of 6 to 8 weeks so should be ready after the IVA test ?

Spoke at length to Richard and Simon at the factory about the next few steps... So back on EBay to order some more bits, not too expensive this time, just items I hadn't got, One of which is a new Rivnut tool as I broke the last one setting a riv nut... A rather loud BANG as I snapped the metal tooling !!

So while waiting for these items to arrive... on with today's items.

The Fuse box has been hanging around in the passenger compartment and needs to be fitted onto the firewall along with the ECU, simple job, just bolted through some holes...

Space left to the side for the wiper motor which will be fitted after the IVA test.

Next... Ignition barrel and storks. Ignition barrel has a small locking button which can only be operated buy the key, this has to be turned to position 1 on the key, then slotted into the housing on the steering column, turn the key back to 0 and its in. The storks require 4 x 5mm bolts and attach to either side of the column.

Underneath the car while it's still on the tressels, trimmed down the seat bolts with the grinder, and plugged it the reversing wires to the reversing switch on the gearbox.

Before the wheels go on and while we have access to all the bolts on the front of the car we did a final check on the tightness of the bolts, then marked them with a paint pen as checked and finished.

More Wiring... the cooling fan needed connecting up, and the high pressure fuel pump. After talking to Richard found out that the 2 different coloured wires to the fuel pump, Brown and grey, that Brown was the earth and grey the feed, as there are 2 fuel pumps on the car this got a bit confusing as only one pump (the rear) was listed on the chassis wring diagram ? Hope it all works when we try to start the car ?

Front brake pipes fitting, flexible braided pipes from the calipers to the side panel, then connected to the brake line on the inside. A bit of bending and a couple of "P" clips needed. IVA states that a maximum of 300mm is needed between the clips, and also that a cut down nut cover is needed over the nut of the brake pipe which enters the brake caliper.

Next.. Wiring the lower dash loom, Interesting and a bit of a head scratcher ! think GBS need a more clearer diagram on this part ? however after about 20 minutes and a multimeter we think we sorted it ? time will tell when we connect it up later on in the build ?

While tightening up the bolts we noticed that the steering rack gaiter was just touching the trim while going through the body work, slight adjustment of about 5mm soon sorted the problem.

Wiring of the headlamps will have to wait a few more days... waiting for extra parts in the post.


or just 1 at the moment... while in conversation with my mate Simon we were discussing the length of the exhaust and that I may have positioned the rear bracket too far back and that the exhaust may touch the rear wheel guard ? So we fitted the rear passenger side wheel and tyre and offered up the wheel guard. Unfortunately there is no photo of this as there was not enough room. But the conclusion was that it needed to be moved as the end of the exhaust was too close to the plastic of the guard and could be a "melting" issue ?
So off with the silencer, and approx. 7cm cut off the end of the manifold pipe...

All back on at looks a much better fit !

OK... now for the rest of the wheels.

Time to get the car off the tressels and onto the floor. Richard at GBS showed me the centre of gravity on the car for lifting, So got some slings and the engine lift in place.

My son Alex helping to get the legs of the lift under the car as the hoist had to be disassembled some what to get it in position.

Got a few extra hands for this job... Keith the hoist operator, Alex the tressel remover, Simon at the front of the car, and myself at the rear.

For reasons no photos of the lift down onto the floor, but as soon as it was Alex jumped in...

Then Simon....

Then me...

Big grins on everyone's face !

Many thanks today to Simon, Keith, and Alex for all there help.

Today's build time... 12 hours

Total build time so far...172 hours

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