Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rear panel trim, side trim, and stainless steel extra side panels

Today's tasks is to finish off the trim which fits between the rear panel and the shroud which wraps around the top of the rear panel and continues down the side next to the seats.
A bit of a fiddle, this job, so it did take a bit of time. Trying to get 2 bits of trim to sit where you want it too, drill holes for the rivets, and then get it all together to finish with a rivet would have been easier with loads of clamps, but the clamps had been put away in a safe place by my son, Alex, and could I find them NO ??

Anyway, 3 hours later 3 bits of trim in place and secured with rivets.

A different size trim will fit on the inside of the rear compartment after I have bonded the infill panels in place and glued some more carpet in the rear. Also the whole of the shroud will be covered with a black vinyl cover and secured with poppers.

Now that the trim is in place I can finish off the stainless steel panels to the rear side of the car. Bond and clamps is all that is needed, after spending nearly an hour looking for the safe place where Alex had stored the clamps !!

Next job, to trim the side covers where the doors will go. I'm opting for no doors on my build, personally I think the doors look ugly ? and after visiting the Local Kit Car show in Newark, UK. I saw quite a few with wind deflectors fitting to the side of the windscreen, some once again looked ugly, but there where a couple who had done a good job... more research I think.

The side covers are supplied too long so require a bit of trimming, in my case 35mm.

While I had the air trimmer out I also trimmed down the interior stainless steel trims which covers the chassis bar just in front on the seats on the floor (photo of this in situ in next blog)

Seems a long day today, already spent 5 hours and not a lot to show for it ?

Last job of the day... the covering of the transmission tunnel panels.

I have been to a few Kit Car shows, and open days at factories and lots of builders seem to put on vinyl covering on the transmission panels, this is now looking a bit dated in my opinion, making the kit look like it was built in the 70's and 80's ?
Seen a few with "Carbon fibre" wrap applied and these look very modern, so I have purchase a small roll of it to give it a try. Laid out the panels on the wrap, and also to make sure the "weave" is all in the same direction.

Time for a cuppa, will cut out and stick later on tonight.

Time for build today... 6 hours.

Total build time... 149 hours.

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