Thursday, 20 June 2013

Water hose support bracket, pedal box, tidy wiring, and more trim.

I was told at the Newark Kit Car show (UK) by several Zero builders that I'm now at the stage where 95% of the build is complete with only 5% left to do, but this will now take 95% of time to complete ?? Hopefully this will not be true, but after all day working on the car with my friend Simon it was hard to tell what we had done. Actually we hardly stopped all day !

OK 1st job, as I had finally got some bits from GBS, the water hose support bracket needs fitting, job for 1 so Simon got cracking on that job...

As space is getting tight in the garage and we keep bumping into each other, I found myself inside the house finishing off the transmission tunnel top panels, covering them with Carbon fibre wrap.

Looking pretty good, finished off the handbrake and gearstick holes with thin rubber trim, then used the "Black sticky stuff" as glue to secure the rubber trim.

Next was the pedal box... lots of fettling with this, we named this part the "Karate Kid" as for about 3 hours it was "pedal box on", "Pedal box off", "pedal box on", "Pedal box off", "pedal box on", "Pedal box off", "pedal box on", etc etc !
Trying to get the accelerator cable to fit, then getting the clutch cable to fit, was stressing us both out, forgot to take photos at this stage, so here's the finished article...

Our Alex came home from school, and asked if he could help, so we got him to fit the seats....

Time to tidy up the wiring loom, While Simon was doing that, I finished of some more trim, this was the back of the seat panel stainless steel part, gluing  the rubber trim to the side parts, rubber trim to the inside of the scuttle, fitting the infill panels in the boot, and the stainless steel foot well covers.


A bit more on the wiring, routing through the live and ground wires from the battery to the starter motor and to the alternator.  Also finding good ground sources on the chassis.

Now run out of energy and completely shattered, tomorrow will probably be a clean up day.

Once again a big thank you to Simon for all his help today.

Total time build today... 16 hours.

Total Zero build time... 165 hours

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