Thursday, 11 July 2013

IT STARTS ! A New Milestone. Blog includes videos !

Since the last blog done several small jobs over the past 2 weeks,and now that the weather has changed to summer its a joy to wheel the Zero out of the garage and work around it with more space under the car-port. This however has attracted everyman and his dog to stop and chat about the build and the "good old days" when cars were cars and not a collection of plastic bits ?

Changing the headlamps...
Unfortunately GBS were out of stock of a few bits, one of which was the headlamp sub loom. However a fairly simple procedure of making one up, just took a couple of hours (mainly due to dog walkers stopping for a chat ! ). But this did save quite a bit of money.

Wiring up the Smiths Oil pressure sensor, this has to be wired into the loom along with the Ford sensor as well. Managed to get a Ford plug for the sensor so a single wire just needed a spade connector for the loom. (again GBS did not have one of these in stock :-(  )

Soon making our way through the loom connectors, connecting everything up we came across a 5 way grey connector with no label on it ?? anyway its for the wiper motor, a job after the IVA test.

Another label "flasher".... mmmm... think we need a flasher relay ! IN STOCK AT GBS !!  :-)
Quick fit.

With a helping hand today, left Simon to pop on the Transmission tunnel tops and other connections around the scuttle area.

I glued the "tadpole" trim to the rear arches. Then re-wired the ignition wiring as this was too short, slight confusion as the wiring schismatic said 2 x yellow wires ? and I had only 1 ?... we shall see later if this is important ?

Next small job, change the end connectors from "eye" style to "spade" on the fuel sender, re-crimped and connected.

Simon finished his job, and now for the dash to go in, a dry fit and we found out a little trimming was required around the steering column. A drum sander made short work of this.

My son, Ben, has now finished his GCSE exams and school for the summer, so today asked if he could help ? got him to help Simon with the dash and the instrument storks instillation.

However think he was missing something ?

Purchased a quick release steering wheel system, unfortunately a "cheap" one, we have fitted it but its useless ! going back on the Internet tonight to find a better one, not a cheap Chinese copy ! Sooner spend a few pounds more for quality. A warning to all.

Filled the cooling system with a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant, took 4 litres after lots of bubbling noises and squeezing of the hoses, see if it needs more once the engine has been run.

Besides a few issues today, which were mainly silly things it all went very well, So much so in the last hour decided to connect up the battery and test a few things.

So we turned on the worked as shown in the video below.

Ooh... Sexy start up !

Horn works, rear fog light including the switch light, side lights, dipped beam, but no full beam ?? will have to look at that later. No indicators as these are not fitted yet.

Shall we turn the key 1 more turn ??.... Why not, will she start ?

Big grins and smiles all round.. she's alive !

However oil pressure warning light remained on and gauge said "No pressure" ?... Check the dipstick !

After a bit more oil in the engine we got a good oil pressure reading, water temperature rising, Volts rising and when the engine is rev'ed it rises and falls, Rev counter working, but only 5 litres of fuel in the tank so gauge not indicating much. So all gauges seem to be working.

The exhaust was changing colour very nicely, a golden purple colour, sweet ! The fan started at 50 degrees on the gauge so that's another item working.

As we still have no brakes, still waiting for the brake reservoir and cap from GBS ? we wanted to test the clutch, so very carefully we selected all gears, and engaged the clutch slightly, feeling the car pulling in each gear against the handbrake was a big wait of our minds that we fitted the clutch, clutch arm, bearing and pin correctly all those months ago !

Long day and now feeling completely drained, another couple of hours clearing and putting stuff away and the day is over.

Many thanks again to my mate Simon for his help today, greatly appreciated.

Total build time for the past 2 weeks.... 25 hours

Total build time to date...197 Hours

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