Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Front cycle wings, Brake reservoir, and ECU

Well the problems last week gave me a headache, a proper headache ! which lasted from Friday night till Monday afternoon, so no work done on the car over the weekend. This gave me some time to re-set my thinking on the next few jobs. The front cycle wings needed to be bonded on, and noticed I was low on bond, so took a ride over to GBS for some. At this point I would like to thank all the team at GBS for their help in the last few weeks, I have had several issues and they have managed to get them sorted for me. The biggest is the Brake reservoir, they have got one for me, just needed a bracket making which was done over the weekend. Many thanks.


While trying to get the car finished and ready for IVA sometime in August the Brake reservoir situation was getting rather tight, So while GBS where trying to get one sorted I was also searching for one on the Internet, and found one on EBay, placed a bid, and forgot about it ? BUT I WON IT !.
So now I have 2 brake reservoirs ? which one shall I use ?

Think I shall debate this with my mate Simon ?

Back to the cycle wings, measured, marked and positioned the wings. also slightly bent the carriers over the wheels so that they lined up with the wings better, and made for a better bond. A good bead of bond over the carriers, carefully positioned the wing, then ratchet strap to keep in position.

Alex is now on his Summer Holiday from school, so I'm making the most of him, getting him to vacuum the carpets !

After a cuppa, Simon and myself made a decision on the brake reservoir. We will use the one from EBay, as this requires less drilling and fitting, sorry GBS although you have done a fantastic job, we opted for the easy route.

Cleaned up the reservoir with plenty of brake cleaner, and fitted it onto the master cylinder, so far so good. Filled with DOT 5.1 fluid and proceeded to bleed the brakes, the proper old fashioned way with Alex sat in the car pumping the brake pedal.

Found one small leak from the front pipe connecting to the flexible braided pipe, half a turn and it stopped, all other connections seem to be fine. Wired up the "low brake fluid" warning float, and put on the warning label. Brake lights now working as well, phew ! All set to go I think.

GBS to the rescue again...

Time for connecting up the Laptop to the ECU. My cheap serial to USB lead arrived next day from the Internet and worked ! the laptop recognising the ECU straight away. Richard @ GBS emailed me the "map" a few weeks ago, but getting it to load into the ECU software was proving difficult ? One call to Richard and a few minutes later the "map" was installed. We now have an emissions map installed ready for the IVA.

So a few extra photo's of the Zero coming together.

A better day today, headache nearly gone ! Just got the car away when a bolt of lightning and a crack of thunder sounded in the fields near by. This then continued all night, the smell of plasma strong in the air, then the rain !

One issue still remaining today... the replacement indicator stalk switch is still not working properly, however it is better than the first on, the headlamp full beam/flash now works, the left hand indicator now works, but now the right hand indicator has an intermittent fault ? May have to see Will @ GBS for another ?

Today's build time 10 hours

Total build time to date... 232 hours

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