Saturday, 31 August 2013

Reverse light switch for MT75 gearbox

Issue with the reverse light switch for MT75 gearbox, as I wrote in an earlier blog, it doesn't work ! Been to a couple of Ford main dealer garages and they couldn't find one in the UK, then another garage did a Europe wide search... None left in stock, and now discontinued !!!

Simon at GBS says for the IVA that the switch has to be an automatic type to switch the light on, so may have to rig up some type of micro switch in the transmission tunnel when the reverse gear is selected via the gear shift ?... these last issues are giving me a headache !


A local, yes LOCAL ! scrap yard has an MT75 gearbox in and he thinks it still has a switch connected to it ?

GOOD NEWS... after a short trip to the scrap yard I have a replacement switch, its fitted and IT WORKS !!! (did cost me a tenner)

Sorry no photo, my mate Simon and I where too busy getting it fitted and working we forgot to take any photos.

Time trying to find a switch 20 hours
Time fitting the switch 1 hour

Total time on build now...253 hours

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