Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Half term help & laser cut stainless steel

Half term school holiday's this week, so Alex in between playing on his Xbox is giving me a hand with the build, mainly lifting large items, and getting into small spaces where my elbow won't bend !

Success after yesterday, the drivers side panel is bonded to the chassis, removed all the clamps and it didn't fall off ! So onto the drivers side transmission tunnel panel. Dry fitted and marked out where to bend the panel to meet the foot well panel installed earlier on in the build, basically both panels have to be bent and pass through the chassis and then riveted together.

Temporary rivets used along the panel in the photo, you can see the bend in the panel meeting the foot well panel and the temporary rivets holding them together.

Alex fresh from his Xbox helping rivet the tunnel in place, while I warm up the bond ready for the passenger side panel to be fixed.

Fine job Alex, all riveted up.

Bond all squeezed out ready for the side panel, much easier to lift with 2 pairs of hands, however forgot how Sharpe laser cut stainless steel is, didn't feel a thing only saw plenty of "Claret" all over the side panel ! blood ousing from my thumb, and would it stop ? NO.

Once again used every clamp available, and ratchet straps to hold the panel in place.

Used some wood to add extra pressure to one of the braces on the chassis, pushing the bond nicely into place.

Time taken today... 3 hours

Total time of build 79 hours

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