Tuesday, 19 February 2013

1st side panel

A lovely day today, sun is out and the garage is not too cold this morning.
Time to get one of the side panels on.

A dry run first, and all seems in order, panel seems to fit first time with no obvious trimming !, Double and triple check before getting the black bond out, I can remember last time, this stuff is seriously sticky and gets everywhere !

A good bead of the stuff is applied to the chassis, got a good 30 Min's working time, so no big rush, Alex is helping me with this part of the build, and I have to say it is easier with 2 pairs of hands.
Panel offered up to the bond, and pressed home, then with every available clamp, we clamped the panel in place. See photos.

Had to use the hoist again, just to lift the chassis of the build tressels so that the underside of the side panel could go under the frame, only by a couple of mm's. Ratchet straps where also used to pull the side panel into position.

Will now leave this a few hours before tackling the other side.

Total time today for 1 panel... 2 hours

Total build time... 76 hours.

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