Friday, 8 February 2013

Dashboard panel

The cold freezing weather has returned so time in the garage is limited, so back to the fabrication around the scuttle area. Fitting the dash panel requires drilling to match  the rivnuts on the scuttle. The rivnuts are M6, so I am drilling the holes with a 4mm drill bit, then drill out again to 7mm, this will allow a little movement for the dash, using button head bolts, and the heads will cover the holes nicely.

There are 9 holes to drill, drilling from behind with the 4mm drill bit was a lot easier with the scuttle assembly off the car, the size of the drill was the problem. Then drilling back through with a 7mm bit. All drilling was done on a slow speed, and also with care as the GRP panel surface can "brake-out". In the picture the bolts have some large washers, these will be swapped for smaller ones later on, there where the only M6 washers I had.

Using masking tape and the instrument surround I marked out the holes for the clocks, somehow I think this will change slightly once the steering column is fitted, I have seen other blogs where they have had to cut out a section of the dash for the top of the steering column surround ? will wait and see before committing myself to drilling holes and regretting it.

My feet are now cold ! so off the GBS to pick up the clutch arm for the gearbox, hopefully once picked up I'll have all the bits ready to fit the gearbox and engine... a job for next week ... weather permitting, forecast snow and high winds again, and due to the size of the garage I've got to work with the garage door open for this part of the build ? Burrrrrrrr.

An expensive visit to the factory ! got the clutch arm, but they had some throttle bodies in stock delivered from "AT Power" , had to have them... credit card has had a bit of a bashing ? but check out these "BAD BOYS" !

Should give a few more pony's to the engine !

OK, time so far...

From the last blog...
Rear wishbone long bolts... 1 hr
Scuttle primer spraying... 30 mins
Black stain paint + rivnuts... 30 mins

this blog...

Dash fitting... 1 hr

So total time for build... 41 hrs

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