Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rear, lower wishbone issue ?

A few weeks ago I tried to fit the rear, lower wishbone to the hub carrier, and found that both long bolts for each side would not fit through ? On closer examination they where bent ? and when rolled on a flat surface they looked like banana's ! GBS swapped these straight away and returned home to fit them. Then I found a second rather frustrating problem... the bolt went through both ends of the wishbone, brill, then tried it through the hub carrier, no problems, but when together the bolt was getting struck going into either end of the wishbone ? this was the case for both sides ?  I could only think that the tube in the hub carrier was a little off and was making the bolt go off centre, only "a Nat's bollock off" ( Mansfield slang for a very small amount ? ) but its enough to stop the bolt. So as I said this was a few weeks ago, in fact just before Christmas, and I have been putting it off until today. Well it was about 1:30am last night I woke up with the way to do it ( Massive light bulb above my head !! ... and never got back to sleep. )

So the bolt was just catching the crush tubes no matter which way I put the bolt through ? So I removed the last crush tube from the wishbone, this allowed the bolt to now pass through the bushes, then reinserted the crush tube over the bolt.... Simples ! why oh why did this take 6 weeks to figure out ? Alex my son says its my age ? In my defence I hadn't given it much time as until I got all the bits to finish off the rear mechanics it wasn't an issue.

As you can see from the photo, the crush tube is just sticking out from the bushes on the right, it will be fully in place once the nut is fully tightened.

Still all the nuts and bolts are not tightened up fully, until the drive shafts are fitted and everything is in its proper place, then I'll go round with the torque wrench and paint pen, that "just in case" scenario if parts have to come off for any reason.
Still waiting for the calliper brackets and the brake callipers for the rear, so this is as far I can go until this parts are back in stock.

More work on the scuttle

Last night I removed the scuttle and sprayed primer inside ready for the satin black finish. This Morning all dried, then sprayed the satin black. Refitted to the car this afternoon and is looking smart, although this will not be visible when the dash is fitter, it looks finished off.

M6 Rivnuts also inserted along the dash bracket ready for the dash.

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