Thursday, 24 January 2013

Scuttle part 2

The cold weather continues, and the snow has arrived. A weekend away with a swimming competition for Ben, and a stay with family has made working on the Zero once again a slow pace. However work on the scuttle is progressing, wrapping up in warm clothes after an hour or so in the garage is plenty for both myself and Alex. Apologises for some of the photos, the lens on the camera was suffering condensation from the sudden change in temperature that some pictures look a bit misty.

After looking at some blogs and some tips from GBS, there are a few different ways of finishing the scuttle/firewall/dash bracket. The route I'm taking is to bond the fire wall to the scuttle, secure with rivets, then when cured, remove the rivets and the tabs to leave a clean line to the front. On the dash bracket to drill close to the edge along the edge of the scuttle, then countersink the holes, and use stainless flush rivets along the edge along with a bead of black bond. After the bond has cured will grind off some of the backside of the rivets so that the IVA trim will fit without kinking and looking scruffy ? ... well that's my intention ?

All holes drilled, and Alex adding the temporary rivets, making sure everything is lined up before the bond comes out to play. (see earlier blogs on how sticky this stuff really is !)

Now the scuttle is bonded to the firewall, once the bond has cured, the riveted tabs will be cut off and trimmed back flush.

View of the dash bracket with some of the riveting done. After the bond curing, the inside of the scuttle will be sprayed black to go with the colour scheme of the finished car.

Cold fingers now so back inside the house for some food.... and a cuppa !

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