Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jobs before the side panels

After all the excitement of putting in the engine and gearbox last week got a few small jobs before putting on the side panels while I still have plenty of access around the engine bay.

Since last Monday work on the Zero has been slow, a combination of other jobs, appointments, and unfortunately Simon who helped me with the engine and gearbox has ended up in Hospital rather poorly ?.... wishing him a speedy recovery. And yesterday nearly joined him when early in the morning slipped on the icy decking in the back garden, landing like a dropped sack of spuds on my good arm, my head hitting a solar lamp, sending it into the garden, and unable to get up for a good 10 minutes. So today just 3 little jobs.

1. Move the fuel lines a couple of inch's, just out of the way of the gearbox bell housing, looked a bit too close for comfort. An easy fix, a new tie wrap holder riveted in on the front of the foot well instead of the side.

2. Fix in the horn, just 1 rivnut, and a flanged head bolt.

3. The washer bottle, 2 rivnuts, very straight forward, and a couple of "p" clips for holding the tubing.

4. Clear up the garage, once again got tools, spanners, air line, nuts and bolts everywhere, a good tidy and sweep of the floor and its looking better again. I don't like working in a mess so it seems we have a weekly tidy up at the moment.

Well putting in the rivnuts really hurt the arm, think I've just bruised it ? but that's enough for today, half term holiday next week so my boys are at home... might get some help with putting the side panels on ???

So time today...

Moving fuel lines, horn fix, and washer bottle ... 1 hr.
Tidy up... 2 hrs (will add this time as I think that most people do spend time tidying up.)

Total today... 3 hours.

Running total time...  74 hours.

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