Saturday, 2 March 2013

Infill panels

First job this weekend is to fit the infill panels. Simple job of riveting 3/4 of the panel and then a bead of the black sticky stuff on the top tube and clamp.

While having a good look around the Zero, checking the bonding of the side panels, I noticed a section where the bond hadn't bonded very well for some reason ? It was the very front section which would sit behind the radiator. Thinking back to last week did I clamp it ? did I put enough bond on that bit ? or is it the cold weather ? So more black bond applied and plenty of clamps this time.

Just enough time to temporary fix the passenger side of the transmission tunnel. Not going to rivet this panel just yet, will need to take it off again when I get the "Quick shift" gear assembly so I have access from the side.

Got an Archery tournament tomorrow, its only a small club shoot, but we'll see how my arm/elbow does, and if I'm fit afterwards to do any more this weekend.

Next job is to rivet the side panels to the underside of the chassis, the rivets will be out of sight and it will also stop the panels from rattling while driving.

Total time today 3 hrs.

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