Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bob the builder and snow... Again !

Disaster has struck ! not with the Zero build but with a blocked drain from the house, so the Zero build is on hold until the drain is sorted.

I have a good mate who can help, "Bob the builder", yes his name is Bob and he is a builder !

The main drain from the kitchen is completely blocked and is flooding the patio in the back garden with sink waste, soap suds from the washing machine, and other stuff from the dishwasher. To add to the mess its freezing in the cold weather and has become a skating rink ! this only became apparent when the recent snow we have had melted to reveal the state of the situation.

So after several attempts to rod out the drain, it looked like the patio had to come up for further investigation...

Problem found... the drain had cracked and collapsed. luckily it was only the "U" bend, so only that part, and a small length of pipe to replace.

Now the "U" bend has been replaced and connected back up to the main drain, covered back over with hardcore, ready for the patio to be replaced.

Job Done !, just need to jet wash the slabs in a couple of days after the mortar has gone off.

So the next blog will be back on the Zero build, managed to get a few more parts for the build so hopefully work will progress a little quicker next week.

Many thanks to Bob for fixing the drain.

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