Monday, 18 March 2013

Quick shift

Just a quick post this morning, freezing in the garage again so just an hours work. Even though I have carpet on the floor the cold gets to my feet within minutes ! ... when is spring going to arrive ?

Picked up the "Quick shift" kit from GBS on Friday, the weekend was taken up with a trip to a spa, very relaxing, so ready to do some more work on the Zero this week... if it warms up !

I had only temporarily fixed one of the side transmission tunnel, easily removed to allow extra room to fit the quick shift, although GBS had said it could be fitted with both panels on, it was easier to fit with it off, with my elbow being stiff today it made sense.

Only 4 bolts and a pin it was a joy to fit, the only problem is that I dropped a bolt ! spent half an hour looking for it, the little thing had rolled to the corner of the garage, not where I had thought it had gone ?

Today's build time 1 hour (of which 30 Min's was spent looking for a bolt !)

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