Monday, 22 April 2013

Seats and Carpet

Special order seats arrived at GBS last week, rushed over to pick them up... very nice !
They have been sat in the living room for a few days and look good to me, but unfortunately didn't look good to the wife ? think its time to fit them this weekend.

Going to "dry" fit the seats to the chassis before fitting the carpet, this does mean that the seats will have to go in and out a few times more, but If I make a mistake drilling through the carpet its going to look messy ? Its easier to drill without the carpet as well.
Firstly I put strips of masking tape on the chassis floor, as it is powder coated in "Black" then when I use my black marker pen it can be easily seen on the tape.
Next fixing the seat runners to the bottom of the seats... only 4 bolts on each seat. now offered the seats to the floor making sure the seats are in the furthest setting back, marked the holes, removed the seats and drilled the floor. fairly straight forward. Repeated for the other side. I did mark the seats to which sides I fitted them in as the holes for the runners could be slightly different.

Alex wanted to try out the seats.... brum brum brum !

Before the carpet goes in there is a little more drilling to do in the cockpit area. The tops of the transmission tunnel need to be bolted in, so the panels where placed in situ and drilled with a 3.2mm drill bit, then removed and drilled out to 9mm ready for some rivnuts, a total of 12, 6 each side. lastly drilled out 4 holes for the speedo sensor bracket, as these will be hidden by the carpet.

A good vacuum to remove all the swarf, and then a clean down with brake cleaner to remove any oil or grease from the panels.

The seats are back in the living room ! ?

The carpet I have chosen is laser cut to fit from GBS, along with the carpet there are two 1lt cans of contact adhesive.

There are a few words of warning...

1. Use the adhesive in a well ventilated area, I had the garage door open and still got a headache !

2. Use something like latex gloves, its very sticky stuff ! managed to get it on my hands and didn't know, only to find out when I put on some gardening gloves to move a fence panel which had been delivered at the same time as I was gluing, then after about 15 minutes had a panic when my hand got stuck in the glove !

3. Don't get it on the good side of the carpet... its a bastard to get off !

So started to get the carpet in, taking a brake ... got a headache ?

Well the headache soon cleared once I left the garage, had a cuppa and found that I had some contact adhesive in my beard... OUCH, BIG OUCH it made me cry ! So another word of warning... Don't sniff the tin ?
Anyway after pulling out the glue from said beard, got back in the garage to finish off the tin of glue before it cures in the tin and is wasted. Transmission tunnel sides next, these are quite long and to be honest 2 pairs of hands would be better, just to stop the contact adhesive from touching the other carpet sections. Had a couple of touches, but the "sticky stuff remover" shorts it out.
Floor panels next, these fold round under the transmission tunnel side and under the rear seat panel and it's quite awkward, so decided just to glue the front edge, after a dry fit the carpet panel was tight in its space, and as the seats will be bolted down on this panel I hope that just the front edge glue will be sufficient.
lastly the back carpet panel. and the only one to be trimmed ! not much only 2mm from the sides and the same on the edges running down the transmission tunnel.

Time on build today 6 hours
Total build time 127 hours

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