Thursday, 18 April 2013

All gears, Battery tray, and exhaust

After the last blog and fitting the quick shift assembly a small problem had arrised ? I could only selected 1st and 4th gear, coupled with that, while turning the back wheel while in 1st gear the engine seemed not to turn over ? Did I assemble the gearbox/clutch/release bearing correctly ? Lots of head scratching and a trip to GBS with a few questions... many thanks again to Simon, Craig, and Raff at GBS answered all questions so back to sort out my build.

1st issue... gear selection. When I fitted the quick shift, I did not realise there was an adjuster ? so a quick adjustment and now all 6 gears engage... few ! There is a screw on the bolt which moves the gear stick forwards and backwards with a locking nut, this was adjusted approx. 30mm outwards as seen in the photo.

2nd issue... engine turn over while in gear.
This time while in gear got a large spanner and turned over the engine via the large pulley on the engine... success ! the rear wheels moved, so its a big relief it all works. What we failed to do was in the first place was to move BOTH rear wheels in the same direction, basic mechanic's with the limited slip diff. Think the cold weather had got to my brain at the end of the day ?

Now back to the build.
Time to trim the "tabs" off the scuttle assembly, and pre pair for painting. Going with a satin black colour again to match the inside of the scuttle.

All the "tabs" now trimmed, and primer applied.
Primer also applied to the battery tray.
left overnight to cure, then 2 coats of satin black applied.

Battery tray in place, and battery holder riveted in with the battery strap. Battery size 063 fits perfectly and is one of the most popular so its a cheaper option.

Having looked at many completed builds at Blyton Park, found the logical place for the water expansion bottle location. Simply rivnuted in place with M6 pan head bolts.

had to this job before the exhaust is fitted, as the pipes cover the bottle.

For the past few weeks, I had a strip of "gaffa" tape covering the exhaust ports, when I took it off, it left a horrible sticky residue, as seen in the photo. 20 Min's later with "sticky stuff remover" it was all clean. Note to self... don't use Gaffa tape again ?

Exhaust manifold fitted, just a tiny adjustment to the dipstick pipe, all fitted rather nicely.

Fitted the silencer, needs a little "tweaking" to look straight but the side view... oh la la !

Just got to fit the end bracket... when I can find it ? I know I've got it ? somewhere ? and before my mate Simon asks... its not with the ham ! (long standing joke, bought some ham last year and miss placed it ? only to find it several weeks later in the freezer).

Time on this part of the build... 8 Hours.

Total build time 107 hours.

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