Saturday, 20 April 2013

finishing off a few jobs left from yesterday

Seem to of knackered the elbow from yesterday, doesn't seem to want to work or move today. So just finishing off a few jobs that where left from yesterday, and a good tidy up again.

Fuel lines now connected.

Photo show handbrake and return fuel line tied to the wishbone with a piece of spare fuel pipe as a spacer.

Moving on to the cooling system, fitted and trimmed the hose's and just tightened the hose clamps enough to hold the hose's, will tighten fully later on when the radiator is fitted and everything looks like it's in the right place.

Yesterday we failed to find the small clips for the fuel lines, this morning I found a bag of them, so on they went, and tightened fully.

So today's build time... 4 hours

Total build time... 121 hours

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