Friday, 19 April 2013

Exhaust bracket, Alternator kit, water rail kit, and finishiing off the trottle bodies

Well time to get more bits onto the engine, my mate Simon came round this afternoon to give a hand, and as the weather has improved, less wind and higher temperatures made working in the garage more pleasurable.
Fitting the alternator was one job today, but in order to fit some of the kit the throttle bodies have to be removed, so while Simon cracked on with that job, I finished off the rear exhaust bracket.

Bolts not tightened up yet, as these will have to be removed shortly when the carpet is installed. I have decided to now drill all holes in the drivers and passengers sides before the carpet is glued in as I do not want metal swarf to get stuck in the fabric of the carpet, just means more work to clean it after ?

OK the alternator kit has an alternator, 4 brackets, an adjuster pulley, a belt, and a bag full of bolts, nuts, washers, spacers, and NO instructions ? So most of the time Simon and myself spent scratching our heads thinking where all the bits went ? This job should only take 30 to 40 minutes if you know where everything goes, but 2 hours later its done.

OK so now the alternator kit is on, back to the throttle bodies, these go straight back on, along with the TPS (throttle position sensor). Fairly straight forward until we hit a problem !!! Yes never as easy as we thought ? All tightened up and the plug for the TPS will not connect ? the top alternator bracket is in the way ? only by about 5 mm ? So off with the bracket and 2 minutes later after being attacked by the angle grinder the plug now fits !
Fitting the air filter again was straight forward, so while Simon carried on with that, I started to remove the old Ford cooling housing, and I wished I had removed this prior to fitting the engine in the chassis, the bolts were awkward, tight and nearly impossible to get a spanner near them. But 15 minutes later the 3 bolts where out.
The new housing has been powder coated, and feels a little "lumpy" so a quick sand down on a flat surface was required.

So while I fitted the new housing, Simon was progressing with the air filter...

Simon continued with a few other jobs on that side of the engine, Oil pressure sensor, Fuel regulator, and routing of the last few fuel lines. plus the breather filter.

Mean while on the other side I got the thermostat housing loosely fitted, as I am still waiting for some parts to arrive. Water rail and some hose's fitted as well.

Its 7pm and we have both run out of steam, temperature is now dropping so we are calling it a day !

Total time on this build today 2 x 5 hours

Total build time 117 hours

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