Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rear Wishbones and Handbrake

Not much work during the week, Wife working away, boys and house to look after, and my right arm playing up again, Hospital and Doctors appointments. Bit frustrating as this was an opportunity to lock myself away in the garage and knuckle down to some building without interruptions ? However time was spent doing some research, visiting GBS, and collecting more tools from a friend who has kindly lent me an air riveter, saving me time and effort with my arm.

Fitting the bushes into the rear wishbones... a very tight fit, used a bit of grease and a vice, 28 bushes later... time for a cuppa.

Crush tubes for rear wishbones... fitting same as the bushes... 14 tubes later... another cuppa !!

Trial fit of the upper rear wishbones highlighted a small problem, the bolts supplied seem to be about 5mm to long, and are hitting the frame, Spoke to GBS and they say they should be OK, could pack out with a few washers ? or cut off 5mm of the bolt, tried packing with washers... looks ugly ! so too the grinder and just took off 5mm, redressed with a 10mm die and it now looks "spot on" still with 2 to 3 threads passed the nylock nut.

This only applied to the upper rear front bolts, the bolt for the back of the upper rear was fine and needed no adjustment, photo shows bolt before trimming.

Found fitting the wishbones with the washers very tight, Spoke to Ben at GBS and said to try and get the washers in if I can, If I can see light between the bushes and the brackets then it needs a washer, don't want any "play" in the wishbone setup. A couple of washers where very tight but a small screwdriver and a small "tapping stick" made sure no light was showing.

So rear wishbones all lightly bolted up, not tightening fully, just in case things have to come off, Rear dampers and springs fitted and again lightly bolted up, also rear hub carriers fitted to upper wishbones.

Problem 2 ?? while trying to fit the lower rear wishbone to the hub carrier I seem to have bent the long bolt ? only very slightly, can't see the bend, only when I try and fit it I find a tight spot, and on the flat kitchen surface when I roll the bolt you can feel the bend, must only be a fraction of a mm, but its there. So I'll leave that till I get a replacement from GBS on next weeks visit.

 While working at the rear, and I've got the bits to install the handbrake, only 2 nuts and bolts, and a couple of grommet's. Only 30 minutes, 20 of them putting the grommet's in !

That's it today, going for my roast dinner !

So times for the build so far...
Installing the bushes in the wishbones,  3 hrs
fitting crush tubes, 0.5 hr
Fitting wishbones, 2 hrs
Adjusting bolts 0.5 hr
Dampers and springs 0.5 hr
Handbrake 0.5 hr
Total this blog 7 Hours

Total for build... 13 Hours
Days from Start... 9

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