Saturday, 3 November 2012

One step closer to D-Day !

The Zero frame has just come off the jig... off to the powder coaters now.
Estimated delivery time now next Friday, will have conformation next Wednesday ?

Photos from GBS.

Since the last blog the Motorbike and the boys quad bike have been sold, bit sad to see them go but they are doing nothing sat in the garage, and the space is needed. As a good friend said " A fast £10 is better that a slow £20" !

So the last few preparations to the garage have been completed this morning. Compressed air feed to the garage; simple case of a new air line through the garage wall from the side workshop where the compressor lives, less noise and again more space in the garage. Quick release fittings on all air tools fitted this morning... well done Alex.

6 days and counting !

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