Monday, 12 November 2012

Picking up the kit

D-Day has finally arrived ! Time to pick up the kit. A short 20 minute drive over to GBS on Friday afternoon, thinking it would only take an hour or so to put everything in the van ended up being just over 3 hours ? This was simply that I had to check every item onto the van and sign it off, and that included every nut, bolt, washer, tie-wrap, panel, engine, etc, plus having instructions from Ben at GBS on how things went together and which items to do first. Unfortunately a few items were out of stock, most due in the next week or so, but I've got plenty of work to do with what I've got already.

Organised a couple of mates to help unload the van on my return, may thanks to the 2 Steve's for the help, only took 20 minutes to unload and stack in the garage !

All in by 7:30pm.

Busy Saturday, so nothing started on the Zero today, had to get a couple of tools from Machine Mart which I had forgotten to get last week, unfortunately the staff at the shop are lacking the information and know how on the simplest tools, a very frustrating morning explaining what a "Deburring" tool was and the difference between UNF and UNC.... 3 members of staff didn't have a clue ??

So Sunday, time to get started, Listening to GBS, Back seat panel one of the first things to go in, so measured up, drilled and fixed with temporary rivets. The bonding compound (the black sticky stuff) was one of the items out of stock till next week, so not finished yet, just held in place with temporary rivet's.

TOP TIP : to get the back seat panel in, bend the panel in the middle forming an arc, then drop in the sides. easy with an extra pair of hands and not scraping the powder coating !

Next was to get the steering column bush kit in place, Ben from GBS said "it is a bast**d to get in", and he wasn't wrong !! Fairy liquid everywhere, and even bubbles coming out of my mouth !

Now to get the boys involved ? Using a 7/16" UNF tap, removing the powder coating from the seat belt harness anchor points.

Thanks boys ! while they where doing that job, I was looking at the next item, the fuel filter, pump, and mounting plate. A first for me, using Rivnuts. Marked out the holes and started drilling, inserted the Rivnuts and set with tool. A Slight mistake... 2 Rivnuts 1mm out when lined up with the holes ? as James would say " Oh Cock" ! Simple fix, just make the holes a little large in the plate, as seen in the photo.

 Time for tea, So far total build time 6 hours.

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