Thursday, 22 September 2016


As explained in an earlier blog my laptop has got some problems communicating with the ECU, for some reason its not recognizing the ECU ? Think the issue maybe down to the serial lead to USB interface not compatible with my new laptop, it worked with my previous laptop but that was running Windows 7. Anyway after spending several hours trying to get it to work I have bitten the bullet and handed the Zero over to GBS for the day to get it through the MOT test.

Richard at GBS spent about an hour setting up the ECU and lambda sensor to get the emissions correct for the MOT test, only configuring Map 1, so leaving Map 2 & 3 untouched.

Off to the MOT station ....


(better photo will replace this one after the weekend)

Would like to thank the team at GBS for getting the emissions correct for the MOT.

Just the road tax and insurance to sort out now ?

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