Saturday, 10 September 2016

30 months after build and some maintenance Part 2

Getting the Zero ready for it's first MOT took a bit of a set back over the past 2 months, a small extension to the house halted progress as access to the garage was limited and lots of dust created from the builder meant it would have been an endless task to keep cleaning the garage every time we opened the doors to work on it. However we are nearly back on track.

Oil and filter changed, just a few miles before the 3000 miles since the last change.

Wiper motor

After a dry fit of the wiper motor, worm drive and 2 gear box's we plugged it in to check out the direction of the motor drive and the "Park" position of the blades. Just our luck ? the motor needs to come off and the internal gear needs to be turned to a different position. GBS/Kit spares have a step by step instruction sheet on how to do this .... Simple ... (until something goes "ping" and flies across the garage as we took the cover off ???)

What came off after several minutes of looking for it was the connecting rod and the "C" clip. Luckily we had the diagram on where it fits !

Apparently it's pot luck which way round the motor gear is assembled at the manufacturer, if you don't have to change the cam in the gear assembly then "DON'T" as it's a pain to do and can test your patients when your fingers are covered in grease.

So this took the best part of the morning, but back on and working the correct way, and the "parking" of the blade position is now correct.

Wiper  Arms and Blades

Now for the wiper Arms. These have to be shortened as the sweep over the screen is too great. These are just riveted in, so have to be drilled out to be shortened. Also so that the blades will fit correctly the fixing "lug" has to be drilled out as well. Then the whole arm has to be turned through 180 degrees so that the bent part of the arm points in the right direction for the blade to fit properly.
The wiper blade is then riveted back in place instead of using the "lug" and spring plate. Hopefully this is explained a little better with the photos below...

Before the dash goes back on a test to make sure it works ! and it does. But the blades are about 2 inch's to long, a quick cut with the dremel and sorted.

Last job before the dash goes back on is to make sure the washer jets are correct and no leaks... done.

Dash going back on...

Checked the lose bolt in the steering boss, turns out that the 1 bolt is 5mm too short and is shorter than all the others ? Didn't notice this when I first did it, however its a simple fix.

last simple fix today is the reversing lamp lens, a replacement purchased from Kit Spares.

Just the emissions map and nut and bolt inspection to sort out now, however time has run out today so hopefully next weeks job.

Maintenance time now 12 hours

Fully synthetic oil and filter £22
Reversing lens £5.62
Map switch from Emerald (plug and play) £18

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