Friday, 15 November 2013

Registration and fixing some issues

Been 3 weeks since it passed its IVA test, and earlier this week got a call from Ruth at GBS to say my registration documents and tax disc had arrived ! YAY ! So a quick drive over to pick them up and get the number plates made up. Not in a hurry but got over to GBS, got the plates made, and fixed to the car in about 90 minutes ?

OK, now for a few issues which raised their heads within the 1st 10 miles...

Near side repeater indicator on the cycle wing not working, a rather simple fix, just a spade connector had come out of its plug holder, a quick adjustment to the spade connector to make sure it fits properly and it works again.

Speedo not working... Not looking forward too this as I can remember it was a pain the 1st time I installed it due to lack of space to get my large hand and stubby fingers into the transmission tunnel. I had to remove the hand brake cable to get reasonable access to the sensor, and quickly noticed the problem. The sensor had moved very slightly backwards, so was picking up more of the prop shaft flange than the bolt heads.
Removing the sensor was surprisingly easy... except... I dropped the nut into the bottom of the transmission tunnel... AARRRR!!!
After over an hour looking, poking, and bending sticks with magnets on trying to savage the nut I gave up and headed down to the local nut and bolt shop for a replacement nut, got home and the nut failed to fit, only about 1 turn and no more, so its not an M6 ? back down and exchanged for a 5/16" UNF and guess what... that didn't fit either... its going to be one of those days ?
So back to the car feeling rather upset ? and then saw a shinny corner of the nut  just under the diff ! managed to get a stick to knock it into the inspection hole and onto the floor of the driveway, then found out its not magnetic !
OK, now back to the problem, I re-drilled the hole in the sensor bracket so the sensor would now be over the bolt heads and nowhere near the prop shaft flange. Refitted the sensor.

Clutch biting point to low to the floor, adjusted the cable, and of coarse adjusted to far, so adjusted again. Seems to be a bit better, we shall see how it goes over the next few miles.

Back to the speedo issue, After re-fitting the sensor all that was needed was the handbrake cable reattaching. Well with the issues of my arm and elbow injury this was just impossible with one arm, think I'll wait for so help later. Help did arrive later on and all fixed within 5 Min's.

Testing the speedo... had to have a ride out, but time had flown, and it was 8pm, dark and cold, but what the hell. Woke the neighbours up !  he he he .

Next day and windscreen fitting.

All seemed rather straight forward, except fitting the windscreen surround to the side uprights ? seen a few different blogs about this, and basically its a mixture of different ideas. Mine would be to mark out the windscreen surround to the uprights, drill and tap to M6 and use short M6 button head bolts x 10mm long to fix together.
Many thanks to " Fairy liquid" for helping me to get the windshield into the rubbers, and then into the frame.
Well it all went together easily, wing mirrors fitted but the mounting holes had to be drilled out, way under sized.

Time for another test drive... big grin !

So still got the wipe motor, gearing, and blades to fit, think I'll leave this for another day, going to have some fun now, see you soon.

Total time for these fixes ... 12 hours

Total build time now... 280 hours

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