Friday, 15 November 2013

Nice but cold first drive out and build summary

Couple of photos after fitting the windscreen and number plates. Think this might be the last weekend before some unsettled weather arrives, I've not got any weather gear fitted, and to be honest don't think I'll fit any ? quite like the look as it is, so its just a fair weather car !

Going to enjoy this !


Had to go out again the day after these photos where taken, got to make the most of the weather ! nearly 100 miles on the clock, and gave the brakes a bit more welly to get them bedded in, seems to be working and have noticed they work better when they are warmer.

Build Summary...

The Stats...

Nearly 300 hours of build time
Picking up kit to on the road Tax and plates... 51 weeks, That's 1 week ahead on my plans !
Cost... a little over budget, not a lot, and not a loan in sight. (forgot about IVA and registration fee's)
400 tea bags
7 large jars of coffee
7 bags of sugar
200 cigs (Duty free trip to France)
1 packet of plasters
Box of 100 paracetamol
Box of 100 Dihydrocodeine

Made just over £10 from the swear box (10 pence per word)

The look on passengers faces...  Priceless !

OK, putting everything aside, it was fun building the Zero, and even more fun driving it. There where days when everything went to plan, and there where days when nothing went to plan. Any one thinking of building a Kit Car, just do it, you'll won't regret it, because everywhere I went in the last 2 days everyone stops and looks, wishing they could build or have one, nothing but compliments. The feeling that a year ago I had boxes of parts, bags of nuts, bolts, and rivets, metal panels etc all in the garage, now assembled sounding fantastic drifting round a corner is overwhelming. (on a private road ? ).

Would like to thank the following...

2 x Steve's for helping lift and unload the van on day 1
Russ for Engine and gearbox installation
Simon for Engine and gearbox installation and lots more; and company on those days when things  did not go to plan ! ( you know those days ! lol )
My 2 boys; Ben and Alex for those fiddly jobs where my stubby short fingers couldn't reach !
All those at GBS for putting up with my constant visits and questions.
And finally Alison for letting me build it in the first place.

I will update this blog from time to time as things may change, but until then... where did I put those keys.....


And the total cost, after everything taken into account, and I do mean everything, I have just enough left over for a takeaway for the family from a budget of £14,000.



  1. Bill,

    Very very nice build. I'm in the arduous process of deciding what to buy and this week I'm on the Zero; but am very concerned that it doesn't come with a build manual. Particularly with things like torque settings and what nut goes on what. I keep seeing 'lots of blogs for advice' etc and thats a good thing,

    Does the Zero reallly come with no manual whatsoever, and if so how good is the labelling of 'stuff'


    Steve Hughes (Knaresborough, N. Yorkshire)

    1. Steve,
      Thanks for the comments.
      OK the "Build manual"... there isn't one ! But don't be put off. Basically the Zero has so many different options on the build that a build manual would be the like reading "War and peace" ! just to give you a quick example you could go Ford or Mazda, pick any engine or gearbox which could include bike engines to big V8's, etc etc.the same with torque settings.
      18 months ago I was in the same situation and went to several different manufactures. I found some only interested in taking your money, some quite frankly rude ! however GBS come out on top for quality, cost, and helpfulness. It would be worth the hours drive down to the factory for a chat with them and a test ride. I found when I picked up the first part of my kit that nuts, bolts, washers etc for one part of the build where in one bag labelled, and the same for other parts of the kit. (example... "lower rear wishbone" 4xbolts, 4xnuts 16xwashers.. can't go wrong really)
      GBS are just a phone call, email away and if they are busy usually found they got back to me the next day at the latest. I went the Ford route and found all the torque settings in a second hand Haynes manual (99p on ebay !) If you really struggle finding the torque settings call GBS ! they really don't mind.
      If you read some of my posts, you will see my 2 boys have helped me, (14 and 16 yrs old) One is disabled and they managed and enjoyed the build with no manual, however it was funny seeing them trying to work out which way the tyres went on the wheels ?
      There are so many blogs, photos, and forums on the internet for the Zero, that help is only a click away. Also you can make your Zero very individual instead of a standard other "Kit".

      All the best, and if you start a blog send me the link.
      Need to ask anything else my email is ..