Saturday, 25 May 2013

More work on the front

Only 3 hours available this Saturday morning on a Bank Holiday, so continuing with the front end build of the car. had to stop the build last week due to 2 essential missing parts... the lower ball ends. These were out of stock when I picked up the kit back in November, and planning the build I put all the front end parts in a box ready for this part of the build and totally forgot there were parts outstanding, and not only where these 2 parts missing but other items as well. Luckily we managed to find some of the parts... manly bolts, but still missing 1 pinch bolt, back to GBS next week for more parts ? In the mean time we managed to get the lower ball ends and continue the build.

Track rod ends where also adjusted to an approximate length so that the steering looked straight, final adjustment will be made when the wheels are on and when the car is in for pre-IVA checks at the factory.

Brake calipers look close to the brake discs, these will be centralised when the wheels are fitted.

Next the radiator, before fitting 4 fixing brackets had to be removed with the grinder, so that the radiator would fit inside the brackets on the chassis. Also the hose's for the cooling system had to be cut down to fit, took several attempts to get this right, didn't think I'd have to cut that much off ?

The cooling fan just clips into 2 groves top and bottom of the radiator, a bit of bending of the plastic required, but clips in nicely.

While the car is still up on the tressel's some more riveting was required underneath. Just a few running down the underside of the side panels at approximately 6 inch's apart. Didn't know if these where necessary ? but after reading a few blogs thought while still up in the air to put a few in to keep the IVA man happy when inspecting the underside.

Finally, just one more photo from the side of the build so far...

Many thanks again to Simon for the help today, always when 2 of you are working together we seem to get more done.

Total man hours today... 6 hours

Total build time so far... 139 hours

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