Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tie wraps and gaffa tape

Had to tidy up the garage yesterday evening, spanners, screwdrivers, and other tools all over the place, spent more time looking for a 10mm spanner than tightening up the nut ! Found the missing drill bits, a good handful of rivets, and several washers. A good sweep of the floor also revealed other missing items !

So today, still in a "tidy up" mode decided to tie wrap the wiring to the rear of the car, also the fuel lines. Placed in-situ the fuse box, and ran the engine harness to approximate positions to the front of the car. These are taped in place with good old "Gaffa" tape until the exact position is known.

Fuel lines and wiring harness are protected past the diff and drive shafts by a short length of flexible plastic tubing.

Fuse box in-situ, as recommended by Simon at GBS, with the wires coming out via the top of the box.

All looking rather smart, the only concern is the closeness of the handbrake cable to the fuel lines, wiring and brake pipe ? hoping that when the rear of the car is nearly completed and the handbrake cable is connected that it should pull clear ?

Lastly today, wired up the low pressure fuel pump, this needed to have a 2 way connector fitting to it so that it could be plugged into the wiring harness. A simple job of crimping the wires into a couple of spade connectors. I have had mixed results with crimping in the past, so a small amount of solder was used just to be on the safe side, probably a little over the top, but at least I know the wires are not going to come out. Think I shall do this for all the crimping connections ?

Summary of build so far today...

Tie wrapping fuel lines and harness... 1 hr
Placing fuse box in situ... 0.5 hr
Placing engine harness in situ... 0.5 hr
Fuel pump connector and soldering... 0.5 hr

Total time today... 2.5 hrs

Total time of build...  24 hrs
total days since started... 33 days

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