Thursday, 27 December 2012

Minus 6 and Christmas

The 2 week run up to Christmas saw little work on the Zero, a combination of cold weather, Christmas shopping, doing those little jobs round the house, and waiting for deliveries, and a lack of parts, meant I could not get stuck into the build. Added to the fact that the garage fell to minus 6 degrees with no heater made it not worth going in.

Present to myself... A heater, and some off cuts of carpet to stop the penetrating cold from the concrete floor rising through my feet and legs, plus a couple of trips to GBS for some parts. Saturday before Christmas GBS had a bit of an open day (Coffee and mince pies !) went along to pick up even more parts and a chat with a few builders, always good to get extra tips from other Zero owners, well the wife was working and the boys had gone out to their mates, so made myself useful !

Now that Christmas and Boxing day have past, the wife back at work, and my boys out for the day round the sales, time to get back on the Zero build.

Brake pipes the order of this morning, I had already bolted in place the master cylinder so it was just the case of routing the pipe work from the cylinder to the 4 corners of the car. First was the single rear pipe to the 4 way union, then the 2 smaller lines to each side of the rear. the 2 front pipes where then routed around the frame to each front side.

The firewall is just placed with a clip, just as a guide to make sure pipes and wiring etc where clear. 

Quick break, now this afternoon, swirl pot and high pressure fuel pump...

Swirl Pot fitted, very simple, downloaded the instructions from the "Kit spares" website, then the high pressure pump fitted, all plumbed in.

A rather productive day, now just thinking what to do tomorrow ?

Summary of build and times...

Brakepipes... 3 hrs
Swirl pot bracket... 0.5 hr
Swirl pot... 0.5 hr
High pressure fuel pump... 0.5 hr
Plumbing in fuel lines... 1 hr

Total time today 5.5 hrs

Total overall time... 21.5 hrs
Total days since start... 31 days

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