Tuesday, 22 September 2015

GBS Factory Runout

Not updated my blog for about 3 months, so here's an update on whats been happening with the Zero...

Did a 500 mile Day trip with my son Alex from home to Wales to see family then back home the same day for supper ! She performed fantastic, no problems at all and returned a fuel consumption of 38.5 mpg.

Then a GBS Factory run out. We all met at Donington Park at 10am and had a good drive through the countryside for 95 miles before ending up at a pub for a spot of food. A great day out with good company.

In between these, lots of little trips all over the place, also to a local classic/sports car meet every other Wednesday at a local pub, average attendance about 200 cars in the evening.

Now for some photos....

Enjoying every minute !

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