Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Frosty Drive to GBS for Mince Pies

Sliding towards a mince pie

GBS have for the last few weeks advertised that they have a bit of an open day on December 13th with tea/coffee and mince pies. Always up for a drive over to the factory to meet up with the GBS team and other owners; but the weather has had a change the last two weeks from dry days to strong winds, rain, temperatures in the minus figures and a couple of days beforehand... sleet ? But the Sun was shining early in the morning with a blanket of heavy frost.

Warmed up the Zero in the garage before heading out, Alex was the passenger for today, but also the nominated Christmas card deliverer. On route we decided to drop off some cards to friends. Main roads where frost free but a little damp, however the side roads with little traffic where a bit icy, even in single figures on the speedo the Zero was more happy to go sideways, than forward ! This was an excellent lesson for Alex on how to steer into a slide ? Good fun !

After about an hour of driving (sliding) we arrived at GBS, Coffee and Mince pies went down well.

As usual I forgot my Camera, but thanks to Ruth @ GBS who took a few photos.

 Thank you GBS for the hospitality.

Now to get all that salt off the car !

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  1. Hi Bill, Re sun up driving, its been a real eye opener to me how much difference driving sun up makes; i.e. even taking into account ambient temps and wind chill - if the sun is in the sky it 'feels' much warmer