Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Extra work before IVA... Whoops !

Thought I'd just about finished work on the Zero before the IVA, but since posting my last blog a couple of issues came up after a closer inspection of the photos by eagle eyed Simon from GBS. First off was the angle of the fog lights, for IVA they have to be 90 degrees to the floor, (think they allow a degree or two, but still they need to be trimmed ). As I fitted these a few months ago I seem to remember how awkward they where to fit, on closer inspection today, they are IMPOSSIBLE to remove ! they are secured with M6 lock nuts and are out of reach between the rear panel and the fuel tank.

NOTE TO SELF... On the next build, use rivnuts !

So after lots of head scratching and cursing came up with a plan ? ... why not trim the lens instead ?

I am hopeful this will work, instead of trimming the black box ?

I repeated it for the reversing light as well, its difficult to judge as my drive way is on a slope, but its more like 90 degrees than before. (give or take a degree ! )

Simon also pointed out the fog light switch and horn switch looked like they where protruding from the centre panel to far. He explained to me that the IVA man has a 100mm mushroom looking gauge and if it catches on the switches then its a fail ?

Took the panel out and disassembled the switches, and again had a head scratching moment ! think it was lack of sleep this week, but needed a small screwdriver to push in a locking clip to remove the switch part so I could remove it from the panel. Once apart it all made sense, and re drilled the hole to 22mm. Reassembled both switch and now they are nearly flush fitting.

Lastly, and nothing to do with IVA, but I have several boxes with lots of bits in them, so sorted them out into 1 last box of bits, mainly bits to go on after IVA... wipers, wing mirrors, badges, etc. but slightly worrying is a couple of handfuls of nuts and blots which I have no idea where they go ??

So today work time... 3 hours

Total build time ... 268 hours


  1. I like the fix on the fog light - it seems so obvious (once you see it) to adjust the lens itself than the light unit case (which I what I did)

    1. Its amazing what a "cuppa" can do ( and an hour scratching my head).